Getting to the Venue

Flight Transfer

  • To book a flight to Skukuza Airport visit
  • Alternatively the Airlink Skukuza Team is available on 013 735 5281 everyday between 08H00 to 15H00. (Bookings are all due to availability)

Road Transfer


South Africa is a member state of the Commonwealth and member of the African Union. Please check with the South African Consular Services in your country if you need a visa for entering South Africa. For more information on applying for a Visa follow this link

Currency, Exchange Rate, Credit & Debit Cards

  • Currency: Rand (R)
  • Exchange Rates: For your orientation only, visit
  • Credit Cards: Visa and MasterCard credit cards are widely accepted. Other cards are also accepted but there could be exceptions.
  • Debit Cards: Maestro and Visa Electron multi-national debit cards are widely accepted.

Park Health and Safety Regulations

  • For detailed information on park health and safety press here
  • 24 hour Emergency Call Centre No: (013) 735 4325
  • The Kruger National Park is a malaria zone – we advise that all visitors adhere to their doctor’s instructions
  • 24 hour malaria hotline : 0822341800.

Weather Information

Electricity Power Supply

Power plugs and sockets are of type D, M, N and C. The standard voltage and frequency is 240V and 50Hz respectively. Depending on your country you may need an adapter.


VAT is levied at 15%. Prices in shops and restaurants are inclusive of VAT.

Units of Measurement

Metric system (Kg, g, l, m, km,…)


Smoking – cigarettes, cigars and pipes – is prohibited in indoor public areas. The ban prohibits smoking in the car in the presence of a child under 12 years of age, partially enclosed public areas and childcare facilities. Designated smoking areas are not larger than 25% in any public area.


Delegates should make their own arrangements in respect of personal insurance.