Wildlife Surveillance Competition

With worldwide trade in illegal ivory and fur booming, many species of elephant, rhinos and bigger predators are closer than ever to extinction. Emerging Industry 4.0 technologies can help authorities take on the fight against poachers and illegal hunting in wildlife designated areas. This event will look into how emerging technologies can assist in wildlife surveillance. The 30th CIRP design conference 2020 will provide its participants with an experience of using their inventions to monitor wildlife at the Kruger National Park in South Africa.


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Wildlife Surveillance Competition

This competition is open to all bachelor degree students around the world who are currently enrolled in engineering program. The students are invited to use their imaginations to come up with an innovative wildlife surveillance device that will be used in National Parks to increase the chances of saving endangered wildlife species. The competition requires a group of students to display the prototype and also present slides on their proposed solution to the international delegates as well as the review panel.  Students will also have an opportunity to network with the attendees and also win a prize for their innovation.

To register for the competition follow the link below

Registration deadline: 30 October 2019